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HyperXchange: India’s fastest and most intriguing marketplace for premium refurbished gadgets since 2016.


It is always incredible to create something latest but it is bizarre to re-create the existing. HyperXchange is the platform dealing with simplifying exchanging refurbished gadgets. 

HYPERXCHANGE is the platform simplifying exchange of phones and refurbished gadgets. It was started in February 2016 by Mr. Dipanjan Purkayastha, Satanik Roy, Ashish Chakarborty and Dwijo Chatterjee. The company was launched to the market place it was encircled by the massive demands, this idea of selling refurbished gadgets sounds is meeting the demands of the buyers at a greater extent.

  • Lowest price guaranteed and Industry-leading 12 month warranty.
  • Automated diagnostics and price offer for buying old phones.
  • HyperXchange poised to become the world’s largest online 2 offline re-commerce market place for premium electronic gadgets.
  • All products then go through a patent-pending QA process, a prominent reason the company provides an industry-leading 12-month warranty on all the products.
  • After refurbishment, the products are sold through its online and offline sales channels.

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The journey of the founder so far.

Dipanjan Purkayastha is the CEO of HyperXchange. He has 20 years of experience in tech space in the US and INDIA.

He has a great vision in managing equal parts of his career growing business and sales team and supervise various investment and banking transactions. He was previously the Vice President of Tech Mahindra.

Mr. Dipanjan Purkayastha is also a guest faculty for entrepreneurship and innovation at leading institutions like IIT-Delhi and IIM- Calcutta

more of hyperxchange:

The Founder worked vastly on his ideas of creating something different in the segment of selling old gadgets with great efficiency. With his outrageous efforts and perseverance, he established a successful o2o marketplace in India.

His initiative was to bring the advancement of technology in this sector with the trust of customers and their needs. He worked upon maintaining the quality of the product and other customer-oriented services. These stunning attempts made hyperexchange one of the best company in the market place.

HyperXchange’s abbreviated ‘HX eVal platform’ helps set the purchase price and define repair requirements. The diagnostic AI scans the products on quality terms and conditions. This makes the product efficient for the customer’s use.

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Everything you need to know about the hyperxchange:

HyperXchange entered the market place 2 years ago, the response from the user was positive. The basic idea of selling the repaired phones will get flourished in the market place. The company is a user-oriented startup at collision( the biggest start-up event in the world) the company offer employment to 35 people and has a branch office in Pune and Mumbai.

HyperXchange has its head office at Salt Lake in Kolkata. It even focuses on offline sales and works pair up with dealers in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Indore, and Chhattisgarh. And are also planning to launch their first brand store in Kolkata and trying to capture the tier 2 and 3 cities in India where the demands for smartphones are extensive.

HyperXchange currently is operating from its retail outlets across North, South, East, and West Zones. It has also has been in collaboration with Syska to open many more retail stores across India. It aims at selling 16 mobile phones around Rs. 10,000 every minute and that’s not a small no.

Customers can easily buy an iPhone at just 50-60 percent of its initial cost. The product is offered with warranty and seal, so a customer could satisfy with the assurance of the quality.

The automated diagnostics and low price apprehend the people to buy the product. The product that is sold has completely experimented with proficiency and all other quality parameters are watched with precision making it work as a new gadget.

why hyperxchange differs?

HyperXchange also has constructed a patent-pending consumer front technology that works on the motive Cell Phone Today. Keeping the convenience of the users in mind, the HyperXchange also has launched a mobile version of to certify the customer to buy mobile handsets at low prices. Those refurbished cell phones get exclusively packed under the classic name of the company “HYPEREXCHANGE”.

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Core team members of hyperxchange.

HyperXchange consists of in all 35 employees working under it. The core Members include Dipanjan Purkayastha, Mr. Satanik Roy, Dwijadas Chatterjee, who is a  Chartered Accountant with 25 years of experience in the manufacturing sector.

Ashish Chakraborty, who was working as a system analyst in Tata Consultancy Services, to give up the job and be part of his dream project. People who are behind the existence of hyperexchange.

Message from the founder to the entrepreneurs.

The first step of success is to “always believe in your dreams and never give up”. All ways have faith in your imagination and you will surely end up creating something exceptional, something astounding and something miraculous. The nation demands innovation, innovation in pre-existing. Your considerable efforts and firmness of purpose might plan your destiny that’s truly hidden amidst your will power.

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