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Indira IVF: The story of India 1st & the largest chain of fertility hospitals, providing cost effective and quality assured treatments.


It’s nothing short of a miracle to witness the beginning of someone’s life in a tiny petri dish.And it all started with the name: Indira IVF. This IVF clinic has magically changed the lives of uncountable couples. 

Indira IVF is a closed working chain of fertility hospitals throughout the nation, that provides accessible and affordable fertility treatment. It is a Udaipur based company, started by Dr. Ajay Murdia in 1988 as a Fertility Clinic. The clinic took form of a company when in 2011, two of Dr. Ajay’s Son, Mr Nitiz Murdia and Mr. Kshitiz Murdia joined it, to take the clinic on a national level.

Indira IVF:

  • Has over 175+ IVF specialist & 2000+ staff, in across 70+ fertility clinic in India.
  • Has been part of ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ Programme and contributing for the same.
  • Has conducted around 2000 InFertility awareness camp, covering 700 cities in 22 states
  • Has been awarded for its excellent success rate of 75% , from India News, Times Group, NESOG, Zee Salam, CUPART.
the trio of father and sons, incubated the first biggest chain of fertility treatments: the journey from a clinic to the largest fertility centre.
Indira Ivf

Dr. Ajay Murdia, Chairman of Indira IVF.

Doctor Ajay Murdia, the initial founder of Indira IVF, started the company as a clinic back in 1988. After leaving the Medical College, he started the basic Infertility clinic. As a pathologist, He stressed that even Males can be responsible for infertility. It was a major stereotype breaker, because during 90s, it was believed that only female were responsible for infertility.

Indira IVF, was the first to introduce Sperm Bank in India in 1988 and lots of Research was conducted to identify the Male Infertility. The clinic was also recognized in the one of the largest and renowned European Journal for Medical Marvels called ‘Lancet’. It was related to the same issue when the birth of first IVF baby was declared.

Indira IVF

Mr. Nitiz Murdia, Director of Marketing and Embryology, Indira IVF.

Nitiz Murdia, the co-founder and Director of Marketing & Embryology at Indira IVF, started his life after graduating from IIT Kharagpur in 2003. He worked in a company called ‘Schlumberger’ as a Wireline Field Engineers, for many years. Dr. Kshitiz Murdia, who was a Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, went to US for pursuing his Career in Medical Science.

Dr. Kshitiz Murdia,  Medical Director, Indira IVF.

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In 2011, the ‘Indira Infertility Clinic’ was converted into a company called ‘Indira IVF’. The trio comprising of Ajay Murdia, Nitiz Murdia and Kshitiz Murdia, started doing IVF cycles. They renovated an old clinic into a IVF Centre. Thus began the journey of India’s first, and largest IVF Centre. This year, the centre completes its 32000 IVF cycle, second largest in the entire world.

the struggles involved in establishing the ‘first fertility centre’ in india: Indira IVF.

Indira IVF had to go through lots of trouble initially to establish its name  & trust in the market. The success rate for the fertility clinic was very less during the start times. Doctors and embryologists were called from outside to do IVF cases in batches. Creating awareness among people for the same, was one of the other major issues faced by the company.

Dr. Ajay decided to develop in-house capability to handle & do IVF cases as a step to tackle the initial poor IVF success rates.

Nitiz had to go to National University Hospital, Singapore to get a training for Embryology. Kshitiz, the other co-founder, got a training for IVF fertility. After which the whole system was restarted and protocols were changed with a new beginning in 2011. Lots of R&D and innovation was conducted to increase the fertility rate. The success rate was brought up from 30% to 75% on an average.

As Indira IVF entered into the market, the first step that was taken was reducing the cost involved in the treatment. The founders believed that technology was only usable when the common man could afford it. The cost of treatment was brought down from 2.5 – 4 lakh to 1-1.25 lakh.

the expansion of Indira IVf from one FERTILITY clinic to 70+ advanced fertility clinic across india.

The founders felt that there were patients from all across the nation, who visited that centre for treatment. They realized the difficulties taken by the patients to travel kilometers to come to Udaipur. After which, these patients had to stay in for a month and go back to there respective states and cities. The distance was the major issue for the southern part of India, where the patient count was least.

Thus, the idea of expansion was the single alternative to ease the lives of the patients. So, the first centre outside Udaipur was opened in 2014, in Pune. The expansion lead on to centers in Delhi, Patna,Jaipur and so forth. Currently, there are around 70 centers India started in last 5 years.

All of the centers in the country are part of the main company. The founders decided not to franchise the company, to ensure the high quality of each centre. So, it started from taking the rental spaces, developing the infrastructure. Then, local doctors, embryologists & staff was hired and trained in Udaipur.

the Training academy and programme run by Indira IVF.

The training of the embryologist is of utmost importance for the success rate of the fertility clinic. So to provide training, academy named as ‘Indira Fertility Academy’ was started. Generating people awareness was one of the major task for the clinic. People were not aware in terms of ‘what is a IVF, do we need it, should we go for IVF’, etc.

Indira IVF

Indira IVF centre

Indira IVF started a campaign called, ‘Nisantanta Bharat Chodo Abhiyan‘. Through this programme, free infertility camps were done across India. Different town, cities and villages were covered under the programme. So far, around 2000 camps covering 700 cities in 22 states, have been successfully done in different regions. 35000+ people have been benefited with it.

the Management team at Indira IVF.

Doctor Ajay Murdia is the co-founder and Chairman of the company. Kshitiz Murdia, the co-founder is the ‘Medical Director’. Nitiz Murdia,is also a co-founder and looks after the embryology section.

Indira Ivf

Mr. Ashish Lodia, Director of Finance & HR, Indira IVF.

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Two more members became a part of this team to fuel the expansion idea. Ashish Lodha, who is a Chartered Accountant by profession and was working with Citibank Singapore now takes care of Finance & HR. He is managing investor relations and accounting for the company.

Manish Khatri is the  Director of Operation, who takes care of the company centre expansion, legal, operations and facility Management. Together these 5 comprise as the core members of the company. Indira IVF

Mr. Manish Khatri, Director Of Operation, Indira IVF.The company targets to expand and reach a target of 100 centers in India by end of March 2020 and also aiming to expand it services across the geographical boundaries of the country.

the message from the co-founder to the budding entrepreneur of india.

Identify the problem and use the technology & innovations to solve the problem. Just make sure that you are solving the problem for someone, and you would not have to look back.


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