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This Startup is bringing wide range of kids furniture exclusively crafted in-house: Boingg- The happy start.


Choosing the right furniture for your newly born and kids is tough right? Here is the start-up which provides wide range of kids furniture to choose from. This a one stop solution for all of your requirement for the kids furniture.

Boingg is a Gurugram based Start-up that delivers in-house produced customized kids furniture. Started by Mr. Dhruvan Barar and Miss Neha Indoria in Feb 2019, Boingg is brand of the parent company ‘Couched’ which was started in 2015. This company provides exclusively crafted multicolored  furniture range for kids including beds, storage, nursery, tables, chairs and decor. 

  • Delivers product using their own truck to areas of Delhi and NCR.
  • Has collaboration with major furniture companies like ‘Pepperfry’ to take orders from all over the nation.
  • Offers the wide range of exclusive kids furniture including cribs, beds, sofa etc. with easy return policy after using.
the journey of founders from working in a E-COMMERCE company to ESTABLISHING one: Boingg kids furniture.
Kids furniture

Dhruvan Barar(Co-founder, Boingg!)

Dhruvan worked for various companies after completing his graduation from IIIT Hyderabad. But, he always had a keen interest to start his own venture so he did his MBA from IIM Kozhikode. He wanted to gain some experience before starting a company. So he joined as a area Sales manager to gain the experience.

Further to extend his experience for a eCommerce company, he joined Quickr. He worked under various wings including Customer Service, Analytics and Product development. His aim was to learn as much as he could before starting his own company. Along with his job, he brainstormed the ideas for the venture.

Neha Indoria, the co-founder, became a mother in early 2015. She realized that there were not many fun options for the kid’s rooms in the market. With more research about the same, she came across various other mothers who felt the same. She had been working in the corporate world for past 10 years. Her career started with HSBC right after MBA from IMI, New Delhi. She was employed in Infosys, when she decided to start a venture with Dhruvan.

Neha Indoria(Co-founder, Boingg!)

In 2015, Dhruvan Co-founded with Neha and Mr. Ritesh Barar, his first venture called ‘Couched’. The idea for the venture was to simplify the buying, selling and renting of furniture. The venture was a business-to-business platform, where furniture was manufactured in-house and sold. Through this start the founder realized that there were a lot of orders for kids section. The idea from the orders were brought from Pinterest and other sites.

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With this realization, two of the founders decided to take it s step further and produce exclusively for kids. They also wanted to cover the huge gap in the market and use it as an opportunity to create their own brand. Neha and Dhruvan wanted to build a platform, so that every parent got what they wanted for their kids.

Thus, ‘Boingg’ was started to fulfill the needs and requirements of customer and provide them products which are not even available in India. The original name of the company is ‘DNV Furniture’.

the interesting story behind the name ‘boingg’.

Since the products manufactured is for the kids, the founders decided that the name should be something fun and quirky. So, as the kids love to jump on the bed and the sound from the bed is ‘boingg’ due to the springs. Thus, the founders landed on the name ‘Boingg’ which gives a happy vibe and suits the purpose.

the source of funding for boingg.

There are few silent partners who are investing in the company. The investors are mainly for the parent company ‘Couched’ which started back in 2015. Since Boingg is new brand in the market, the brand is self supported from the founders. The company is considering for expansion in the market and are open for investors. The company has got a great customer support and is profitable from day one.

the partnership and collaboration of boingg.

One of the major B2B partner of Boingg is ‘Pepperfry’, which is one the leading producer of furniture in India. The company gets national level order from Pepperfry. Boingg also sells furniture directly to customers as per the specification. Currently, it is providing delivery of goods in Delhi & NCR.


Orders coming in from across the India helps the founders to understand where the demand is highest. These pattern of orders are specially beneficial for deciding location for another centre of Boingg.

Boingg has around 15 people on board and 60 staff members to help facilitate the productions.

what’s next with boingg?

Boingg always try to bring the innovative new product in the market. New category of products are soon to be launched in the market. The company is now focusing on the completely designing  and decoration of the room. Boingg provides everything for the kids room except toys. It is a one stop for all you need to decorate the room of your newly born.

Kids furniture

Rainbow Bunk Bed

The next target for the company is to go national, and supply the products throughout India. The company also plans on opening its retail store across different cities in India.

struggles of starting a new venture: founder’s word on the Entrepreneurial life.

There is always so much to do, when you start a new company. Boingg was part of parent company ‘Couched’, so the founders had prior experience with managing a company. The early struggles involved in the company was finance and managing people.

All of savings of the founders, which they had earned while working on their jobs, was poured into the company. Managing the operations and working was another major task. Along with finding and hiring the right people for the job, the struggle continued for training them. Each aspect took up a lot time, but could not be ignored due to the importance it hold.

“A boot-start company is always difficult, managing the resources, taking hard calls on the different expenditure heads. Each and every small decision is a challenge. But you do it anyway, because every its all worth the struggle,” says Mr. Dhruvan, while talking about his journey.

The Idea is the easy part, the difficult part is its execution. You have to be all in and you have to work with the single thought of making it successful, and stay committed to it. You have to take that jump and overcome the fear of failure. You get one life and its completely fine to fail, even if you fail, do it gloriously. At last its your life and you should be satisfied with what you are doing.



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