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Using Stem Cell Technology this entrepreneur is rejuvenating the future of medicine.


The cell is the structural and functional unit of our body and the building blocks of our body. Stem cells have the power to reduce the effects of many diseases, hampering the functional capacity of our body, if the right treatment is provided to them. Read about this startup which focuses on providing therapies and treatments for patients suffering from life-threatening diseases, using cell regenerative technology.


Advancells, started by Mr. Vipul Jain in 2013, is a Noida based, Stem cell company. It provides cutting edge Stem Cell Therapies for patients with life-threatening diseases also catering to lifestyle diseases and anti-aging technology. It is a research-oriented company focused on the use of regenerative medicine in curing a variety of life-threatening and lifestyle diseases.

  • Having a strong foundation of research and development, Advancells does not believe in “one size fits all” protocol; further offering a unique treatment plan, depending upon the requirements.
  • Being GMP and ISO certified, every cell that is being processed in its facility is quality checked for viability, stemness and differentiation potential.
  •  Is the only provider of fresh cells, in their highest metabolic state for the better therapeutic outcome, and further prevention of harmful toxic effect of cryoprotectant.
The journey of this founder who started various startups including the Healthcare and animation sector

Vipul Jain, CEO, Advancells

Mr. Vipul Jain entered into Entrepreneurship right after completing his Masters in MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. Vipul started his career by establishing a fabrics import business as an extension of the family business of Garment exports in 1999.

He always had an eye for Entrepreneurship. He had been part of many other startups in different field including Healthcare and Animation. He is the Founder and CEO of one of the major conglomerate called Mirage Group for over 17 years. Mirage group produces television-quality animations for clients such as Warner Brothers, Disney, Channel 5, etc.

the idea behind the name ‘advancells’.

The founder was optimistic about his ideas for the future. He was convinced with the fact that advancement in cellular science is the only option for offering better treatment. The modules could be used to cure many diseases that are currently orphan in conventional medicine.

That is the reason, he stepped into the world of cellular therapies and advanced technologies for their safe implementation in routine practice; as well as for better healthcare future.

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So, with this idea in mind, he decided that the venture should be named as ‘Advancells’. the name is the combination for two words, ‘Advance’ and ‘Cells’.

everything you need to know about advancells and the list of services offered.

Advance cells work around a healthy future and solving problems related to life-threatening diseases. It does not focus on providing surgical treatment but helps in harnessing the power of cells in healing the body from within.

It provides customized therapies based on the needs of the patients to address various problems. The services are divided into four different divisions inside the company. Advancells provides Stem Cell therapy to patients from around the world. Secondly, the startup does research and development, through collaboration with prestigious Institutes, Scientists and Centers.

The third division comprises of Anti-Aging solution for those patients who would like skin ailments to reduce aging. This division deals with cosmetics and focuses on satisfying customers with the best treatment for the skin. The fourth section mainly provides primary cells, obtained from different sources; for various in-vitro analysis.

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Few services listed on the website are NeuroDisorder, Organ-Specific, Eye Disorders, Orthopedics (problem-related to legs), Skin ailments, and Anti-aging.

the core team of Advancells REJUVENATING the cells and providing solutions.

Mr. Vipul Jain, who is not only the founder but also the CEO of the company. Mr. Sachin Kadam is the Chief Technology Officer, who is a qualified scientist and mainly focused to bring in new, advanced technologies for better quality.

Ms. Shraddha Gautam is heading the labs and managing operations of the laboratory at Advancells, who has 14 years of experience in Stem Cell Biology. Ms. Meenu Jain is the Head of the Digital Marketing segment of the company.

the business collaborations of advancells.


Advancells has collaboration with many other companies involved in healthcare. It is in collaboration with a French company for the generation of liver cells. The collaborations extend to medical Institutes, the names of which are yet to be announced. This agreements with the institute will be regarding the education and research for the stem cell biology.

The company is also working with many Pharmaceutical companies including Dabur, IIT, etc.

What 5 years down the line for advancells?

” We are certainly looking forward to bring out patents for our standard technologies. As far as the financial aspect is concerned, we are hoping to cross Rupee 100 Cr in turnover. We also plan on branching out to at least 5 other cities in the country.” says Mr. Vipul.

The struggles for establishing a startup and the message to the budding entrepreneur.


One of the biggest challenge that the founder was changing the mindset of the doctors. The line of medicine was different, and the doctors needed to be updated with the new change. The challenge was also to fulfill the expectations laid on him, to satisfy the people involved in the company.

“What we have learned is that if you are persistent, and show the results then people will start to listen. Now, we have support from the large number of doctors who agree to our work. It takes work and effort daily, and things start to fall in line.” says the founder.

Its better to try and fail, rather than sit around hoping for a good result. If you have an idea, and you believe that you have the potential, than go ahead with it. Fear of failure is something that holds us back from bringing the best out of us. But if you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur, you will have to take the risk.



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