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[EXPERT OPINION]: How Work From Home Businesses And Jobs Are Disrupting The Future Of Work


Working from home is no longer considered ‘one of the annoying millennial traits’ as it once was considered. Millions of people of all ages now work from home – or anywhere for that matter – and the numbers are increasing at astounding rates by the year.

While there are companies that are still apprehensive of the idea, more companies are embracing the idea. From top global companies such as Google and Apple to a one-man entrepreneur, the results are clear – working from home is more favoured than the traditional working setup demanding physical presence.

A large number of work from home businesses are run by a single person and some go forth to amass more than a million dollars in revenues within a few years.

No office space. No employees. No boss to report to. And sometimes no products to sell.

Nothing. Just you and your laptop and some internet connection. The rest? You can dress in your favourite SpongeBob pants and work for two or three hours if you please.

Since millennials are the force behind remote working, the future of working from home is strong. More people and companies will be working remotely in the coming years because it offers more benefits to all parties involved.

So Why Work From Home?

Work from home.

Work from home. Image: DollarSprout

There’s increased productivity

It’s proven that when employees are engaged and motivated, productivity increases. Most remote workers are engaged in their careers than full-time office workers. There’s no petty gossip to distract you and no bossy manager who’s breathing over you every minute. It’s just you and your work.

Also, the time spent navigating traffic is spent doing other things. All the boss wants from you is work done properly and submitted on time. This motivates remote workers since you understand no one is micromanaging you.

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There are fewer call-in-sick days

Absenteeism reduces because there’s no reason to call in sick. Most workers call in sick because they have other things to attend to or they just want a day off. Even when the employee is sick, they still work because it’s just a trip to the working desk and they understand once they’re done, they’re free. 

Work from home

Work from home when the worker is sick. Image: Workforce

Also, there’s no transmission of bacteria in the workplace since the sick worker is at home working and recuperating.

The older generations can stay in the workforce for longer.

Success stories on FlexJobs about how people over 50 years have gotten telecommute jobs are many. As long as you have relevant skills and experience needed, it’s possible to work even in your 70s from the comfort of your house.

One moment you’re enjoying the sunrise with your grandkids, the next you’re working on your laptop to sustain yourself. Furthermore, the anxiety of retirement and getting laid off is reduced.

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Increased revenue for both employer and employee.

As an employer, you reduce so many costs since expenses on equipment, training, workspace, etc is reduced. You hire an expert on the specific problem you need and they can do it without incurring any extra expenses to you.

Work from home.

Benefits for both, the employer and the employee. Image: Vensure Employer Services

As an employee, you can work part-time for one employer and the rest of your time you can work with another employer or spend it how you want. By this, you earn more income from several sources and can cushion yourself from the bust of a single employer.

It reduces facility costs.

Remote workers and freelancers acquire the equipment they need using their own money.

Companies don’t provide laptops, desks and other equipment to remote workers. Most also don’t rent coworking spaces for them, therefore, no extra costs are incurred.

The flexibility to work from anywhere.

Video conferencing and calls have enabled people to connect despite miles away from each other. It’s as if the person is in the room with you, therefore, a person can work while on their trip to Turkey and still be present in a meeting virtually through video.

The future of work from home businesses and jobs is positive. Statistics show that most works from home workers are happier and more productive and they look forward to working remotely for the rest of their careers.

Work from home.

The flexibility of working from home. Image:

Most of them are already rejecting any work that demands constant on-site presence since they can easily acquire another remote gig.

Also, the fact that any age can work online is interesting considering more teens and elderly can earn money and support their lifestyles without hassle.

And with individual persons earning online over $100,000 a year – and some a month – without an office even, there’s no doubt what the future of the workplace is.



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