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[EXPERT OPINION]: How to become a better version of yourself? 6 ways to get better, everyday!


How hard it is to accept & admit the fact that you are unique and special in your own way?

Tough right? If you ask me “NOT AT ALL”. It’s just a matter of mindset.

You must be wondering what I am talking about; well, I urge you to accept, acknowledge and appreciate yourself right now.

Why is the above-mentioned line important? Because you are disrespecting your existence if you aren’t.

In this digital era we are exposed to almost everything, all the knowledge yet we lack self-awareness.

Why does this happen?

Because we constantly compare ourselves with our friends, peers, associates, siblings, cousins or some fellow over social media.

What’s the secret to letting this habit go?

Don’t fight with others but fight the person you were yesterday. If you don’t see a new version of yourself every six months, you are still stagnant.

Remember survival of the fittest. Since the inception, life itself has grown, evolved, transformed in order to survive and make this beautiful planet, how do you expect to sustain without learning & exponential growth?

6 significant ways by which you can carve the better you from yourself

Here, I’ll share some ways by which you can better version of yourself!

1. Talk to yourself

I am dead serious when I say self-talk is fruitful, I have been practising this since years now. Self-talk can be very beneficial when you are engaging with yourself in a positive approach, to congratulate, to shoulder during hard times, to think regarding decisions, to commemorate.

A guide to become better version of yourself.

Talking to yourself will make you better. (Image Source: Viral Rang)

What’s disastrous is negative self-talk, telling yourself you are not good enough, hiding from your insecurities in short, disregarding yourself. Negative self-talk is a bottleneck to growth.

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2. Don’t be envious but inspired

You will never find happiness if you start seeing it in some else’s job, car, house, relationship etc. You become so obsessed with another person’s growth that your graph of happiness starts diminishing because you do not possess those materialistic things at present.

Start by appreciating with what you have. Be inspired by such people who are living your dreams, learn from them, work to achieve. There is a very thin line of difference between being envious and being inspired. Your growth stops when you see, dream but don’t execute.

3. Don’t be drowned by external affirmations & appreciations

We as humans have the tendency to validate each move & initiative by our circle just to be sure that it’s acceptable but never ask ourselves the same question, why? Because we doubt our capabilities, we fear of being unacceptable and laughed. All the successful people on this planet are the ones who paved their own way because they believed in themselves and their purpose. Affirmations are temporary but happiness & satisfaction lasts long.

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4. Focus more on personal growth and less on entertainment

Exponential growth is achieved when you are constantly learning and equipping yourself with new skills. Keep a monthly budget for your online courses, seminars, classes and discussions. Spend at least 1.5-2 hrs of your daily schedule in doing something that fuels your growth.

Personal Growth is the best bridge to your better self.

Personal Growth is the best bridge to your better self. (Image Source: Userlike)

Also, make sure you plug out time to time for your music, movies and things that relax you but it shouldn’t consume too much of your time.

5. Push your comfort zone

We all love this place called comfort zone but nothing grows in it. If you have been to a gym you know well for a muscle to grow, gradually you have to strain that muscle with more weight, put pressure on that muscle forcing it to grow.

Similarly, you can’t expect to be at a higher place doing the same thing always, you have to push your boundaries of comfort, do new things, experiment and most of the times you will not like it but that’s where you will learn, understand and prosper.

6. Understand failure is a crucial part of the process

A toddler crawls, walks and then starts to run but in this process, she/he falls numerous times. Our journeys are no different, it will always be a roller coaster ride, some good days, some bad days, success and failures but you can only have fun when you embrace those situations, look at the brighter side and ask yourself- “what is this teaching me”.

For you to be awesome, you have to believe in your awesomeness first.


Nizom Baruah

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  1. That is very thoughtful and Inspiring. It is rightly said, “Are You the Best Version of Yourself Today”.
    Nice Article.

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