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[EXPERT OPINION]: Top 5 Tips for Amazing Engagement on Your LinkedIn Posts


When my first LinkedIn post went viral with 14,000+ likes and over 2 million views in just 3 days, I thought I had figured LinkedIn out. After the first post, I posted once a week and wrote posts of a similar nature to the first one. But they did not work as well as I had expected them to.

It has been 10 months since my first LinkedIn post. Now, after a lot of trial and error, I have understood what it takes to get high engagement on my LinkedIn posts. Once I caught hold of the ‘tricks’ and mastered them, the engagement on my posts looked like this:

Do you want to get such high engagement every time you post? 

Follow these 5 tricks to get the engagement you want:

1. Understand what engagement is!

Before you start learning tips on getting high engagement, understand what engagement is, and what it leads to. 

LinkedIn posts

Engagement on LinkedIn Posts. Image: Putnam Investments

By definition, engagement means involvement or participation. In the online world, the definition is the same. The number of people participating in your posts is the engagement you receive. The higher the number of people participating, the more the social media algorithm will favour your post, leading to higher views.

But first: what counts as engagement?

  • Likes? Yes
  • Comments? Yes
  • Reshares? Yes
  • Views? No

The number of views on your posts is not your engagement. If your post has 80,000+ views, then this is the number of people who saw your post. If this post received 100 likes, 28 comments and 2 reshares, then this is the number of people who engaged with your post. High views without engagement mean that your post was probably not read by most of the people, which means your post needs to be improved. To improve your product sales, online presence and lead generation, your goal must be to increase your engagement and not just your views.

2. Focus on the content, not the engagement

Yes, that’s right. If you want engagement, the first rule is that you must not focus on the engagement! 

You cannot ‘create’ viral content; good content goes viral by itself. Remember: engagement is only the by-product of content creation. It is something that is only possible to gain after you have created the content, worked hard on it, and shared it. 

So, the first step is to pay attention to the content you are creating. Make sure it is original, fresh, and interesting. Amazing engagement will follow!

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3. Add value through your posts by sharing meaningful stories

One thing I always stand by is this: ADD VALUE! 

Why would anyone read or engage with your post unless they are learning something from it, or unless the post is invoking their thought process? People comment on two kinds of posts: posts that help them/ they agree with, or the posts they disagree with. Figure out which kind of posts you would like to create. 

If the post is helpful, it will be shared often, and you will start getting known for the particular niche. I usually write about content writing. I write them as value-adding posts in the form of stories and anecdotes, rather than providing a ‘How To’ post. 

For example, in this post, I have shared my tip of informing clients in advance when you are sick, so that they can be considerate and prepared for a delay in work. In this post, I shared about getting a deal only because I responded to a LinkedIn message and provided feedback to the writer. Such posts are narrative and personal, and hence creatively informative and highly engaging!

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4. Make your posts appealing to the eyes

You don’t need to add images or videos to make your LinkedIn posts appealing. When you share text posts, make sure you write short, easy-to-read sentences that can be understood even when they are simply scrolled past. Some ways to do this are:

LinkedIn posts

Appealing LinkedIn posts. Image:

  1. Space out your lines properly
  2. Use bullet points where needed, especially when mentioning data
  3. Don’t write blobs of big paragraphs, they are very difficult to read
  4. Avoid too many emojis. Most emojis are not viewable on all devices, which make the post less attractive
  5. Don’t use too many hashtags. They are blue, and they tend to clutter the post
  6. Don’t tag too many people. Tag up to 5 relevant names if you must. 
5. Post quality content consistently

It has been 5 months since I have been consistently creating content on LinkedIn with a very high frequency. I post almost every day and make sure that every post adds value to the reader. 

Quality content leads to high engagement because it demands engagement. If someone sees a good post, they are bound to share their opinions on the topic even if it is something contradictory. Good posts receive more comments since people either comment a ‘Thank you for sharing this valuable post… ’, or ‘This is what I needed right now…’, or their own views on the topic. This is exactly why I now receive consistently high engagement on my posts: because I create good content consistently. 

Bonus tips:
  • Create your own personalised hashtag! For example, all my posts are under #ShreyaWrites.
  • Text posts have the highest engagement.
  • Continue to engage with your own post by replying to comments, and thanking people for resharing your post.
  • Be patient. It takes time to gain consistently good engagement, so give it the time it needs!

The fact is: LinkedIn is booming right now. There are very less content creators on LinkedIn, who are sharing original content consistently. So, if you are a content creator, this is a very ripe time to build your LinkedIn presence organically.

What’s your engagement going to look like this month?


Shreya Pattar
A student and Content Writer, I bring creative and fresh ideas to the world of content. I think outside the box, and when needed, I create a new box. I believe in sharing and communicating the true essence and vision of the brand through my content. My content is focused on gaining engagement and creating a brilliant brand presence online and offline.


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