With water crisis striking across the nation, PM Modi urges people and NGOs to quench nation’s thirst.


In his first Mann Ki Baat after being re-elected, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the importance of water conservationaddressing the ongoing water crisis across the nation.

Modi ki Mann ki baat: Chennai Water Crisis.

PM Narendra Modi in his first Mann ki Baat after being re-elected. 

This comes as the southern hotspot, Chennai, faces the water crisis. It is also predicted that by next year, as much as 20 cities will face water shortage.

crunching the numbers, facing the truth

In the recent report produced by Niti Aayog, about 60 crore Indians are facing acute shortage of water, that’s nearly half the population. By the year 203040% of India’s population will run out of water.

Chennai Water Crisis

Image Credits: Bloomberg.

Almost 70% of the available water in India is now polluted. In the case of polluted water, India ranks at 120 out of 122 in the Water Index. The numbers are scary and speak for itself.

But luckily, India and its youth realise the need of the hour

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The water crisis in Chennai India

Calling it God’s Prasad, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed on the importance of water conservation. The Jal Shakti Ministry that was recently created was set up for faster decision-making on subjects related to water. For this, he has his own resolutions like providing pipelines for tap water in maximum households in the next five years under “Nal se Jal“.

My first request is like we made Swatchchta Abhiyan, a mass movement; similarly let’s start a mass movement for water conservation. We should together resolve the water crisis by saving every drop of water. Let’s start an awareness campaign to save water ad problems,

– PM Narendra Modi

With this, he also urged the NGOs to further contribute to this movement. Calling out to every organisation that can extend a helping hand, he said that if only we all join hands, we will make impossible, possible.

If people work together with full strength, then they can make impossible, possible. When people will join hands, water will be conserved

Hearing out the Prime Minister on this got majority’s attention and the results were up on display. The trending #JanShakti4JalShakti is a result of his address on the issue. Not only this, the crisis saw multiple solutions provided qualified personnel.

We, at CFT, believe that Jal Hi Jeevan HaiAnd as a media body, we believe that it is our rightful duty to spread awareness about such a concerning issue of national importance. Thus, on the lines of our Prime Minister, we call out every single person to conserve water, save many.


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