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[EXPERT OPINION]: Agile Certification: A Flexible Form of Project Management to Upscale Your Career


Agile is a versatile approach to project management that focuses on delivering value both consistently & early throughout a project.

Agile Certification

Reasons for adopting Agile. (Image Source: VersionOne)

Unlike other approaches, Agile fragments a project into chunks known as ’sprints’. It makes it convenient for the project teams to deliver value at the end of each sprint, making them adaptable to the transition.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Agile Certification
1. Delivering a Consistent Value at Fast pace
One of the key features of Agile project management is the ability to add value throughout a project.
2. Easy Adaptation
Agile is meant for constantly changing projects. Its core structure spins around adapting a project to oblige a change.
3. Strengthening Customer/Stakeholder Relationships 
Agile energizes an astounding relationship by delivering clear visibility and early value to the customers/stakeholders.
4. Better Control over Cost, Time, and Scope Management
Since you’re continually assessing the status of a project, you can build up a progressively practical, controlled perspective on your expenses and evaluated time. 
5. Gain more Clarity with Better Communication
Since daily stand-ups are an indispensable part of Agile, the team naturally inculcates a habit of clear communication. Moreover, Agile eliminates any confusion about task completion.
advantages of agile certification

There are multifold advantages of getting Agile Certification: 

 #1 Slushpile to waitlist 

The Agile certifications enable you to stand out among recruiters effectively. The databases have a huge number of accessible profiles and having the privileged certification can get you to grab an opportunity in a flash.

#2 Leverage in Compensation 

Having an Agile certification(s) could turn out to be so significant in one’s profession. You can utilize the experience in driving Agile activities or projects combined with popular affirmations. That can act as a switch to negotiate remunerations while paying special attention to the opportunities of working in the Agile world. 

 #3 Stepping up the ladder 

Customer demands have made the requirements tough & dynamic. Certification in Agile can help explore these problems flawlessly while compromising on the value. 

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Top Certifications for Agile

Let‘s explore some most sought-after Agile certifications in the industry.

 1. Agile Scrum Master (ASM®)

This certification, offered by EXIN, is perfect for administrative experts working in the domains of software development, IT project management, IT service & business management.

Agile Certification

The ASM certification establishes you as an evangelist in the agile adoption journey of your organization. It is a novel accreditation that includes a blend of systems, Scrum rehearses, and handy assignments. It tests the competency of one’s capacity to work as a mentor, facilitator, and empower an exceedingly cross-functional group.

The details of the exam are:

Duration of the Exam: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Total Number of Questions: 40 (MCQ, Closed Book)

Pass Percentage: 65%

Prerequisites: Successfully complete EXIN licensed Agile Scrum Master Training

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2. Agile Scrum Foundation

This certification is provided by EXIN, a leading autonomous exam & certification institute certifying millions of experts in the digital domain. Agile Scrum Foundation certification affirms your understanding of Scrum framework & Agile methodologies. The test checks your comprehension of core ideas and gives an accreditation that consolidates Scrum frameworks on development projects & agile service management practices.

The details of the exam are:

Duration of the Exam: 60 minutes

Total Number of questions: 40 (MCQ)

Pass Percentage: 65% (Closed Book)

Prerequisites: Successfully complete EXIN licensed Agile Scrum Foundation Training

3. Certified Scrum Master ® (CSM)

It offered by Scrum Alliance which is the most established, largest, and influential expert enrollment and certification association in the agile network. It should be kept in mind that incorporating Scrum standards and practices takes heaps of good faith, mettle, and commitment for constant improvement. 

The details of the exam are:

Duration of the Exam: 60 minutes

Total Number of questions: 50 (MCQ, Open Book)

Pass Percentage: 74% (Open Book)

Prerequisites: Attend a face to face, 16-hour Training instructed by a Certified Scrum Trainer

4. Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO)

CSPO is also offered by Scrum Alliance. In case you’re somebody who has a talent for understanding things from the “business side” of software ventures, you are most likely an ideal choice for this accreditation.

Agile Certification

As a CSPO, you take a shot at characterizing the product vision, list the Product Backlog with the most significant client stories on top, charm the client by conveying most profitable highlights/client stories and in charge of amplifying the ROI. When you get the CSPO certifications, you additionally get a two-year enrollment with Scrum Alliance, which you can use to join nearby local gatherings, access limits on Regional & Global Scrum Gatherings and significantly more. 

The details of the exam are:

Duration of the Exam: No exam

Total Number of questions: Not Applicable

Since you have learnt about Agile, so make a wise call & begin your journey to master it.

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