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Uber partners with IOC to assure the best for its driver-partners

Uber to partner with IOC to offer discounts on fuel for driver partners.

Signing deal with IOC will offer discounts on fuel for driver partners.

This Thursday, Uber announced to partner with the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL). This partnership is to benefit the cab service’s driver-partners. It will offer discounts on fuel from IOC’s retail spots. This comes under the company’s UberCARE program. In a statement, the company said that already 12,000 driver-partners have registered in for this benefit. 

After a disappointing start in the market, Uber is doing its best to keep its employees happy and to stay with the company. For this, the company has started a program: UberCARE. Under this, the company provides certain benefits and offers, in turn taking care of the company’s soul: driver-partners.

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Following the same, for its Indian driver-partners, the company has partnered with the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL). This will offer benefits and discounts on fuel for the drivers.

In a recently given statement by the company, it said that 12,000 driver-partners have already registered for this benefit.

Uber India targets “easing cost of fuel”?

The statement provided by the company also added that the following benefit will be availed on IOCL fuel spots, over petrol, diesel and CNG.

Uber Taxi.

… through our association, we will provide one more reason to the driver partners to fuel with us.

Vigyan Kumar (Exec. Director, retailer sales, IOC)

Uber India and South Asia Head of CitiesPrabhjeet Singh, said that the partnership is targetted at easing the cost of fuelHe added that this, in turn, will provide its driver-partners to earn a livelihood. The company is doing its best by various programs and incentives to look after its employees and driver partners.


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