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OYO looks to host guests in the States; boost its presence by $300M

OYO Hotels & Homes.

Hotels & Homes company will expand and boost its presence.

OYO Hotels and Homes is looking forward to boosting its presence in the United States. The company will look towards infrastructure development, competency building and overall growth. For that, it has directed investment worth $300 million. Gurgaon-based housing and hospitality company promises to expand to famous streets of New York, San Francisco and LA.

The Gurgaon based company OYO has been planning for long to make its presence strong in the United States. The company will look forward to developing infrastructure, competency building and acquiring talents. And to accomplish this, it has directed an investment worth $300 million.

Recently, the home renting giant Airbnb vouched for the company’s promising work by investing around $150-200 million in it. Well, with it, Airbnb also held its personal motive to diving deep into the hotel-booking business. To know more about the deal and Airbnb’s motive behind the investment, follow: Airbnb invests $150-200 million in OYO.

OYO to come to the city of dreams

OYO Hotels and Homes currently offers the best of its service at Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Miami. With the aim of expanding and make its presence sound, the company promises to come to the streets of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

OYO responds to its growth in US with further investment.

We are thrilled to see our business grow in the US, our newest home market. We promise to bring new age hospitality experience at a price point you never imagined; select service hotels are finally going to be fun and beautiful,

Abhinav Sinha, COO OYO Hotels and Homes Global

And now when Leisure group joins the chain, the company’s expansion seems clearer and easier. With this, OYO can be found in 800+ cities, spread across 74 nations. This set includes the US, the UK, Malaysia, Philippines and of course, the Head Office base, India.


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