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National Olympiad Foundation acquires IIT-Jodhpur graduates’ Ed-tech startup Edurer

The Edurer-National Olympiad Foundation team

The Edurer-NOF team; Picture: YourStory

National Olympiad Foundation acquired edtech startup, Edurer. The amount behind the part-cash and part-equity deal remains undisclosed. The three co-founders of Edurer will be joining NOF in various positions of management.

Bengaluru: With various exams being conducted and numerous exam results being declared, the education sector is abuzz with the news. The edtech startup scene isn’t really behind. National Olympiad Foundation (NOF) recently acquired Edurer, a Jaipur-based edtech startup.

Edurer builds ties with National Olympiad Foundation

IIT-Jodhpur graduates Anjali Bansiwal and Atul Dubey set up Edurer as a research-centered startup in 2016. Later on, Sachin Yadav joined the company to handle the operations. Edurer provides B2B SaaS services to educational organizations. These organization, in turn, use these to offer an enhanced and personalized learning experience to their students.

Edurer Office

Edurer Website; Picture: Edurer

Edurer further proved its mettle by getting into the first cohort selected by Department of IT, Govt. of Rajasthan in 2017. This selected group of top few startups was further considered for incubation and mentorship.

We are quite excited about the acquisition. National Olympiad Foundation is one of the few educational companies in our country who are addressing educational issues at the root level. Their domain knowledge will surely be of great use in developing the AI-based learning platform.

– Anjali Bansiwal, CEO, Edurer

National Olympiad Foundation actively conducts Olympiad Exams in schools in many countries for children of varied age groups. The foundation is currently working in the area of marks improvement and adaptive learning. They aim to achieve this using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as their go-to tools.

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The deal for an undisclosed amount was kept part-cash and part-equity. Additionally, the Edurer founders get to join NOF’s top management firm. Atul is set to join NOF as its Chief Technical Officer, while Anjali will accept the position of the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. Sachin will join National Olympiad Foundation as their content head.


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