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Guess the American Force wasn’t enough to stop Huawei; secures 5G contacts despite ban

Huawei comes with 5G strategy.

The Chinese tech giant keeps pushing forward against all odds.

After being caught up in dreadful, intensifying cold-trade-war between the US and China, Huawei was thought to lose most of its business. Despite being blacklisted by the Trump Administration, Huawei gets its business running. It has obtained 46 commercial 5G contracts, from 30 different countries. No doubt, the company is flowing against all odds. 

With all the market going up and down due to the cold-trade-war between the two economic giants, it seems that there is no end to it soon. Despite all the “casualties” that could have been, it was Huawei out of everyone that suffered. At least that is what the whole world thought.

After being blacklisted by the Trump Administration, the company lost, if not some, many helping hands and allies. Despite all of this, recent news surfaced that the Chinese tech giant has obtained 46 5G contracts from 30 different nations.

Huawei works against all the odds

The company said it is well prepared for China’s 5G commercial use. Just last year, reported by sources, the company made the first 5G call and launched its first 5G terminal device. Thus, it is an emerging top player in this race for setting up 5G services, despite the US banning to use it.

Huawei billboard teasing its 5G services.

In the bid to fight back, the Chinese tech giant is giving all that its got. The company attempted to release its own operating system, Hongmeng OS.

But will the company be successful at fighting the Android? Find out here: Will Huawei be able to do what no one has been successful at?

For obvious reasons, this fight of Huawei is being backed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He says that the tariffs and the ban are nothing but the US’s attempts to push the company out of the race.

The firm’s active battle in the US courts speaks that it is willing to give it all to stay a part of this 5G race.


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