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BMW and Jaguar Land Rover teams up but will the automobile dream team see any success?

Jaguar Land Rover teams up with BMW for Electric Vehicle project.

The dream team will work on electric vehicle tech.

BMW and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) have joined forces to develop electric vehicle technologies. The rival automobile companies are seen to be the “dream team” for motor enthusiasts. This partnership between the UK and German firms is also aiming to lower costs of volume production. The fifth generation of BMW’s electric motor will be the heart of the team. 

2019 has been the year for revolutionary “dream” teams. First, Xbox and PlayStation, gaming rivals, teaming up. And now, for all the automobile enthusiasts out there, it is Jaguar Land Rover and BMW.

The automobile giants are working together to develop electric motors, transmissions and power electronics. The team is also aiming to lower costs of volume production and get ahead in the race of electric vehicles.

Both companies will jointly develop the required technology. This will, eventually, reduce the R&D cost on the project. Although, recently, both the firms have struggled to keep up with the profit margin. This came amidst falling sales, higher costs, and the need to invest in future technologies.

Will Jaguar Land Rover and BMW give the fight to present forerunners?

The present forerunners in the electric vehicle market, like Tesla, have a strong foothold in the market. Sure, JLR and BMW are big names, but they’ll still have to make the sales skyrocket.

Jaguar Land Rover and BMW teams up.

India itself is seeing striking strides in the electric vehicle market. The cab service, Ola, recently opened up Ola Electric. The idea is so important and necessary for a country like India, that they even have Ratan Tata on board. To know more about, follow: Ola Electric now drives with Ratan Tata on board

BMW has been working on electric motors in one housing called “Gen 5” of its “eDrive” technology. This will be the heart of the team.

The joint team, with its engineers, will further develop Gen 5 in Munich. Then both companies will produce their own electric drivetrains, said BMW.


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