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Will it be now Apple to enter the 5G race?

Apple in talks to acquire Intel's modem business.

Acquisition in progress?

Apple, for long, has been thinking to acquire Intel’s “failed” business of modem, based in Germany. This news is surfacing when the semiconductor-giant is considering to sell its struggling business of modems, in pieces. Any sort of a deal between the two will lead to migration of hundreds of Intel’s modem engineers to the ‘iFactory’. 

For long, Apple has been thinking to buy Intel‘s “failed” modem business, the core of which based in Germany.

During this time, the chip-making giant has tried to sell its modem business in bits and pieces. The Germany-based business was powered by Infineon, whom it had acquired for $1.4 billion in 2011.

Intel, in a statement, said that the company has seen “significant interest” in its 5G modem business. Back then, it didn’t name any specific company or organisation.

However, later, Intel left the 5G modem idea. This was, as told by CEO Bob Swan, because Apple and Qualcomm had entered a deal to produce 5G smartphones.

Apple’s take on 5G modems, Intel a catalyst?

In February, iPhone maker made internal decisions that suggested it was working on in-house modems. But definitely, that would take several years to reap the fruit. Thus, getting engineers from Intel will speed up this process.

Apple will definitely look to buy Intel's modem business.

Definitely looking to buy Intel’s modem business.

Apple has an eye over this business for over a year now but has not been able to make a deal for it.

Although, when coming to smartphones, it is looking to launch 5G iPhones by 2020, powered by Qualcomm.

As a business and tech enthusiast, one must know that Apple will not be the only one to run in this race. Stuck in the US-China Trade War, rival Huawei has already been seen making serious progress in the 5G race, despite being blacklisted by the Trump Administration.

But will China take its revenge on the United States for blacklisting Huawei?
Find an answer to this here: Will China target Apple to get its revenge on the US?


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