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Apple may successfully drive itself on roads, reports to buy

0 may enter acqui-hire deal with Apple.

Apple is reported to ‘acqui-hire’

Apple.Inc, known for its high-end tech hardware and devices is reported to make a move in the field long sighted by the giant. The company is reported buying a self-driving cars’ startup The startup works on AI that aids autonomous vehicles. Apple will definitely have a lot going in its mind for a move of this kind.

The long lost news that once surfaced that Apple.Inc may drive itself into the self-driving vehicles’ business is back in the air. The company still has plans in the self-driving business ecosystem. Its accelerating efforts in that space are being noticed by all.

In a report by Bloomberg, the company has made efforts and is set to buy But the deal seems different from what is usually seen/heard of. The company is seemingly entering into an “acqui-hire” deal with the startup. This means that the company is not seemed to be interested in buying the vehicles and manufacturing units. In this, Apple will hire deserving engineers without a claim on the Startup’s intellectual property. It will try to access the knowledge behind the product, rather than the product itself.

Apple on its “iMove” so far

iMove by Apple?

Will we see Apple rolling down the streets?

The ride for the company has not been stable until now. Just last year, it expanded its fleet of test cars while reportedly teaming with Volkswagen. Even if the company was to roll out into the market successfully, it will have to race with rivals like Aurora.

Aurora, a startup of the same kind, has been making pretty good strides in advancing its technology for a safer self-driving experience. Moreso, the startup bought a lidar-based startup, Blackmore for the very same purpose. For knowing more about this deal, follow: The future is here, Self-driving startup Aurora buys lidar-tech startup Blackmore for $530 million.

Whatever will it be, but one thing is for sure. Apple will come out learning a lot about and enhance its skills in Machine Learning for this space.


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