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Will China target Apple to get its revenge on the US?

Apple Inc. will face the repercussions of the ongoing trade war.

Will China take its revenge on the US by pushing down Apple?

The share of trade with the US among China’s international trade has dropped to a historic low. After blacklisting China’s tech giant Huawei, the trade war has taken a pretty bad turn. After Huawei, its China’s chance to take its move on the US. This could mean pretty bad news for Huawei’s rival, US-based, Apple Inc. 

The trade war is no more what it started for. It is now turning into something very concerning for the international market. After facing a huge knock off to its economy by blacklisting Huawei, China will not shut up. While the world has been seeing Trump take all the shots, is it now chance for Xi Jinping to take his?

What is concerning to the US market is that as much as they tried their best to take out the competition, they didn’t realise that their revenue was in jeopardy. US-based Apple Inc. is most likely to see a great fall in its sale.

Xi Jinping, although, has many options in which it can cause some serious danger to the US market. By controlling 95% of the world’s trade of rare earth metals, China can cause serious manufacturing starvation in the US. To read more about this “Trump” card of China, follow: China uses the “Trump” card in the trade war: Rare Earth Minerals.

Apple saw this coming

China represents almost 20% of Apple’s global sales. It has been the company’s strong and growing market.

Ren Zhengfei on Apple.

“I will protest if China retaliates against Apple over (the) US trade ban”, Huawei CEO: Ren Zhengfei.

Although, without any move from China’ government, statistics show that Apple’s sales have already dropped in the region.

Trump Administration still looks adamant on its tariffs over Chinese goods. Will this trade “cold” war end anytime soon? There’s a lot going on, and seeing the recent events in the thread, CFT team believes there is more to come.


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