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Flying car startup Alaka’i to fly high in the “Skai”

Alaka'i : Skai.

Skai’s power source is what keeps it apart from other vehicles.

Flying car startup Alaka’i technologies has unveiled its latest innovation: Skai. The company aims for it to become an air taxi services somewhere in the future. The vehicle can fly for up to 4 hrs and cover 400 miles. What makes Skai different from every other vehicle in the market is its fuel. Skai will be using Hydrogen fuel cells, one of the cleanest forms of energy. 

Just when we thought that Sci-fi couldn’t be more real, Alaka’i offered its best. The flying car startup has bet on the ever-present theory that hydrogen can outdo normal batteries.

Skai, the startups recent model, sets itself apart from other vehicles in the market. It is based on Hydrogen fuel cells, thus making it a one of a kind. The model was co-designed by BMW-owned global creative consultancy design works.

This was not the first attempt on vehicles being modelled into a Sci-Fi concept. Recently, self-driving car startup Aurora tried its hands on lidar technology. This will make self-driving vehicles more accurate on the roads. To know more about this interesting dream car, follow: The future is here! Self-Driving cars’ startup Aurora buys lidar tech startup Blackmore.

Alaka’i provides a solution to faster emergency services

To get the Skai off the ground, the company plans to use it for emergency services, instead of cab service, in early days after production begins.

Alaka'i Skai being used as an ambulance service.

Skai being used as an ambulance service (concept) // Source: Forbes.

The company says that the first will be piloted with autonomous operation. It’s targetted price will be put at $200,000. The company plans on producing only 10,000 of this annually.

Once the company is on with Skai’s production, it will face a lot of challenges. Similar startups are also researching and coming out with their own versions. Well-established companies like Rolls Royce and Bell flight are also looking to fill the sky with flying taxies.


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