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Walmart best tries to stay in competition; promises 1-day delivery

Walmart promises 1 day delivery.

Walmart promises 1-day delivery.

With Amazon announcing to reduce its prime delivery to 1 day, Walmart does its best to stay in the competition. The retailing giant now announces next-day delivery on 200K+ items in select markets only. The facility can be availed only on orders over $35

In its recent oppose over digital advertising, Walmart saw a threat in Amazon over the market. The same now dawned upon the online and offline retailing giant. In the recent announcement of Amazon to drop the already fast delivery to 1-day delivery, it also announced next day delivery.

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The rival retailer will offer free next-day delivery for orders above $35. This offer is valid over 200,000+ items in select markets. This would come without a membership fee. The goal is for this offer is to reach out to 75% US population by the end of this year.

Walmart to start small

Amazon Prime is set over more than 100 million products and the membership is availed by more than 100 million users. Thus, if Amazon succeeds in its attempt to make 24-hrs delivery possible, it will attract more consumers.

In comparison to that, Walmart is starting small. The Next-Day Delivery will be a standalone shopping experience for customers. It will allow them to browse over 220,000 products under the offer.

Walmart's Uber and Lyft delivery.

Walmart’s Uber and Lyft delivery.

For long, it has been trying to copy Amazon’s delivery strategies. For example, earlier in 2017, it offered 2-day delivery over 2 million products without the membership fee. All its attempt is coming up in the answer of Prime, thus keeping offers membership free, unlike Prime.

We can offer fast, convenient shipping options because we’ve built a network of fulfillment assets that are strategically located across the U.S. We’ve also done extensive work to ensure we have the right products in the right fulfillment centers based on where customers are located and what they’re ordering,

Marc Lore (CEO: Walmart)


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