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After successful streaming, TVF receives funds worth $5M

TVF Founder Arunabh Kumar

Founder: Arunabh Kumar

The Viral Fever, or TVF, raised $5 million in series D funding, led by Tiger Global. Post this funding, the valuation is set at $82 million for the company. Also, with its recent hit: Kota Factory, the company has attracted one of the biggest crowds. It has become the highest rated Web show the company has ever produced. Although, in 2017, founder Arunabh Kumar was charged with a sexual harassment case

One of the most famous Indian youtube channels, The Viral Fever, or TVF, has raised $5 million in Series D round, led by Tiger Global.

The investment marks valuation of the company at, reportedly, $82 million. The company has been backed by Tiger since 2016.

The Viral Fever has been on YouTube since 14 March 2011. Started as a media and advertisement startup, it quickly gained viewers due to its parody videos on famous celebrities and anchors. Since then, TVF has climbed higher and now has a subscriber base of more than 6 million.

This idea saw critical acclaims and heavy viewer base with shows like PitcherPermanent Roommates, and Humorously Yours. All these shows make sure that the viewers relate to it on a personal level. This, in turn, gets them more viewers.

Everything seemed perfect for the company, until 13 March 2017. The founder Arunabh Kumar was accused of sexual harassment on an anonymous post on Medium. This created a domino effect and more accusations flowed towards the company. This gave an image of the company to be misogynistic and patriarchal. Arunabh was soon arrested and later bailed out of jail. After the event, he resigned from the company.

TVF spreading ‘the viral fever’

With its very relatable content, the company has almost never failed delivered good content.

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With its recent Web Show, Kota Factory, the company attracted millions of viewers and even subscribers. Thus, increasing its business. The Web show is based on the students’ life who rush to get a seat in the prestigious IITs. The 5-episode-series was rated 9.5 at IMDb, highest rated web show TVF has ever produced.


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