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Spicejet will increase its fleet size by 50 in 2019

Spicejet will increase its fleet size by 50 in 2019.

“Spicejet will add over 50 aircraft in 2019”: MD, Ajay Singh

Post Indian Aviation roller coaster ride, Spicejet sees to increases its reach and services. Its current fleet size is at 92, mostly Boeing 737s. Now, the company seeks to add around 50 more aircraft in its fleet. The company, for the new financial year, has an aggresive expansion plan. It will also induct its 100th aircraft in the coming days.

With the whole drama that Indian Aviation sector went through in the past months, companies like Indigo and Spicejet definitely take situation’s advantage.

Spicejet has announced to include 50 more aircraft in its fleet size of 92. The company is likely to make a run to jump to the second largest domestic carrier in the coming year.

Spice is currently the third-largest in India. Recently, in April, the company carried 14.41 lakh passengers. With this, it registered 13.1% market share. Its current fleet mostly consists of Boeing 737s.

Spicejet to aggressively expand

Managing Director, Ajay Singh, announced that the company will expand its reach and services in this financial year.

As we sprint on our growth path, SpiceJet is eyeing an aggressive expansion plan across both its domestic and international network,

– Ajay Singh

This is confirmed and backed up by their recent deal with Emirates, allowing access to new international routes and destinations.

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Spicejet takes delivery of world's first 90-seat Q400.

World’s first 90-seat Q400.

The company has been one of the fastest growing airlines in the country. But due to recent the ban on operation of Boeing Co’s 737 MAX aircraft in the Indian space, it faced difficulty in its growth.

Ajay Singh now aims to make his company a reputed international carrier. He also aims at the company operating medium to long-haul flights.


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