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A step-by-step guide to creating a perfect Pitch Deck so that the investors can’t ignore you anymore!


The money you attract is the exact measure of the value of the ideas you have succeeded in externalising.

Elizabeth Towne


Getting your ideas delivered in the best way possible is the salient need for a company. You are an expert in your field and know your customers better than anyone, and have built something really amazing. You have spent a lot of time working on your business, growing it and getting it to the next level.

So, it’s obvious that you will expect a positive response to the company when the next time you pitch in front of the investors.

That’s why a pitch deck is immensely important before pitching anything. Let’s discuss how to get your pitch deck ready!

Pitch deck

A pitch deck. Image credits: Campus Capital

Basic Steps for a Pitch Deck

Let’s compare it to a cooking recipe. Now, obviously, before cooking first, you need to be hungry, know what you want to eat, and then cook. You are supposed to have the appropriate ingredients for that dish. Then by using the correct tools, you need to cook the meal, and finally, you will use the meal in practice.

Here’s how those steps are given below for creating your pitch:

  1. Have a Company
  2. Know your Audience
  3. Know What You Want
  4. Plan for Time
  1. Collect the Key Contents
  2. Statistics and Research
  3. Storyboard & Messaging
  4. Note on Financial Projections
Creation & Design
  1. Know your Brand
  2. Gather the Right Tools
  3. Visual Design
  4. Work with a Professional
In Practice
  1. Updating and Iterate
  2. Get it Out There for Feedback
  3. Pitch Live, Practice Often
The presentation for a pitch deck.

The real presentation. Image credits: Startup-O blog

Let’s get started!


1. Have a Company

So, this one is something pretty obvious. To create a pitch deck for your company or concept, you’re going to have an idea first, right? Besides, you need to know the answers to some specific questions;

What is the idea? What is the product? What are you working on? And then make sure that you’ve got the answers to all these questions ready.

2. Know your Audience

When preparing to put together your pitch presentation, you need to know who you are pitching to. Think about what they care about, and what they are going to get out of it.

Pitch deck.

Preparation for a pitch deck. Image credits:

3. Know What You Want

Think through what your end goals are. This will frame everything you put together in your pitch. You’ll never be able to achieve them if you are not clear on what you want to accomplish.

4. Plan for Time

 Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing.

– Miles Davis


Being an entrepreneur implies being busy. As such you need to plan accordingly for all of your commitments. Now putting up a pitch deck is not a two-hour quick job. For a good pitch deck it many a time takes a minimum of 8 hours. So, by managing enough time you must prepare a well-curated pitch deck and don’t compromise this over other commitments.

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1. Collect the key contents

For a pitch deck, you definitely need content. It might seem tedious at the start but in actual it isn’t that complicated.

Now, there are certain points on the basis of which you can gather your content:

  1. Know your customers and the major problems being faced by them.
  2. Know the solutions to these problems.
  3. What is the size of your market?
  4. What is the product offering?
  5. What is unique about your company?
  6. Information on your team.
  7. Financial Projections.
  8. Competitive intelligence.
  9. Your marketing and sales strategies.
  10. Your launch plans.
2. Check for Statistics and Research

Go for some research before you start working on your pitch deck because you need to incorporate a piece of well-researched information.

Better follow the 3 R’s rule for statistics: Take a note of it that you work on relevant, recent, and realistic data to support your arguments.

Pitch deck related discussions

Discuss your pitch deck with the experts. Image credits:

3. Storyboard & Messaging

A pitch deck is not about creating 10 slides and having a cluster of content. Besides, there is not a particular way to form a pitch deck, all you need is uniqueness.

Once you are done with all the relevant content, you need to pull out some convincing messages and a storyline to make it more interesting and understandable.

It must have a clear story, a flow that brings the audience along with you on the journey, and a clear and convincing conclusion.

4. Note on Financial Projections

If you are looking for fundings, you are definitely going to need financials. These are basically, the past and projected revenue and expenses of your venture.

Your pitch should contain the major financial signposts that interest an investor. Moreover, you must make sure that you have got a detailed excel spreadsheet with projections, assumptions, etc.

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Have a nice pitch deck.

Have a wonderful pitch deck and then get your business rise. Image credits:

Creation & Design

1. Know your Brand

No one is going to understand your brand better than you.

– Alexander Wang


To create a consistent pitch deck you must know your brand. Create a logo of your own choice for your company.

Collect all of your logo ideas, your frequently used images, and graphics. When you are telling a visual story, it needs to feel cohesive with every other material that your audience may also see.

2. Gather the Right Tools

Pitch decks are more of the visual documents. They are also mostly used as visual aids during live presentations. That’s why most often they are created using the slide design tools.

The most common design tool is, of course, the Microsoft PowerPoint. If used in the correct way, these tools can be a wonderful platform for making visually beautiful pitch decks.

Besides, better if the pitch decks are full of graphics, icons, and images.

3. Visual Design

A few tips and tricks to keep in mind as you start to design your pitch deck:

  • Keep it simple, beautiful and visual
  • Reduce text to the much extent possible
  • Include convincing images
  • Use logos and icons
  • Avoid clustering of texts
  • Avoid distracting animations and transitions
4. Work With a Professional

I only work with professionals. I don’t in seminars but in my business.

– Frederick Lenz



Having a pitch deck design expert with you can exponentially raise the effectiveness of your pitch deck. Their guidance is valuable for professional and visually appealing designs.

So, for the best results, start working with a designer for your pitch deck.

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The pitch deck.

The presentation. Image credits: BetaKit

In Practice

1. Updating and Iterate

Remember that your pitch deck is a live document. It lives and breathes and changes along with your business. Your projections and strategies evolve as your industry, customers and competitors, change.

Moreover, every time you use a pitch deck for a different purpose, or might be a different audience, keep in mind their needs. You are most likely to create some different versions for a different purpose and different audience.

Besides, make sure that you work with a designer since that will be quite good for your company.

2. Get out There for Feedback

Feedback is the breakfast of champions.

– Ken Blanchard



Don’t forget to give a copy of your deck to your mentors. Experts in your field may be able to give you some valuable insights into the effectiveness of your pitch.

Spend time to collect their feedback and implement the required changes into your pitch. It might be possible that mentors can be misleading and contradict each other but then, working with lots of mentors can, in the end, get you the perfect one.

3. Pitch Live, Practice Often

If you’re planning for any live or in-person pitches, you must start to pitch as soon as possible. There are a great number of opportunities to pitch your brand in your town. There are startup events happening all around where you will get to meet the entrepreneurs like you. Pitch your venture and learn from these experiences.

Try having a practice before you actually go live. The best option can be practising in front of strangers as this will be quite close to the actual deal.

Remember that multiple sessions help you, repeat on your pitch, and refine your delivery before you actually go on for the big pitch.

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The pitch deck.

All the pitch deck needs is a clarified explanation. Image credits: Mobisoft Infotech

In Conclusion

So, here we go! We mentioned all the ingredients of the recipe for you to prepare a perfect pitch deck.

I hope that this recipe helps you out to understand the complete process of your pitch deck together and this will, for sure, make you ready for success as you proceed on this adventurous journey of your company.

Happy Pitching!


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