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Want to drive the sales of your online marketing? A recipe, with four ingredients, is waiting!


Create content. Publish content. Amplify content. Repeat!

– Sorav Jain


Online marketing is rocking almost everywhere and the reason being, it is continuously evolving with time opening up new ways to drive your sales. The only thing that you got to do is, implement the new ways and raise your sales.

Though the search engine optimization and email marketing are still going to help you in the long run, the new trends shouldn’t be ignored in any way.

So, let’s get talking about the 4 new trends that will get your business some good sum, this year.

1. Get some micro-influencers for your online business

Micro influencers in online marketing.

Micro-influencer. Image credits: Whizsky

Do you know about influencer marketing? Umm…not a big issue, because we will tell you, what it actually is and how can it help you to drive the sales of your online marketing.

Influencer marketing is a kind of marketing, mainly focusing on using key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the larger markets. Now basically, rather than marketing directly to some larger groups of consumers, you instead pay these key influencers to get out the word for you. But, how will this help to level up your business?

Well, the definition pretty much explains everything, right? All you need to do is, get in contact with some key influencers and add to your list, as many of them as you can. Get a fancy deal with them and they will simply promote your online marketing.

But apart from this, you also need to take care of your expenses and see the affordable ones. And to fulfil this very purpose, micro influencers will be the best option.

Finding micro influencers with smaller followings who will suit your brand and match your needs can provide really reliable and profitable results. Besides, they are more affordable than the big names with genuine engagement.

Moreover remember, it’s always better if instead of diving into a large ocean, you go for collecting drops of it. It might take some time but then, it’s very reliable and will save you from getting your pockets ripped.

2. Go live to show them the real you

Live videos on phone for online marketing.

Live videos. Image credits: Socialbakers

There’s this very interesting feature on platforms like Instagram and Facebook where you actually can go live and let your friends know about the real scene without any edits. So, why don’t you also try out the same for your business? In fact, make this a part of your online marketing strategy.

Facebook’s and Instagram’s live videos allow you to reach your potential customer base in a way that’s very personal. And since there are no edits in the videos, your customer audience gets the privilege to take a peek inside.

Live videos make them see the real you that’s your online marketing brand. A few ways can be, broadcasting from special events, in-store sales, etc and this list is endless.

Now, before you go live, you got to work a bit on the content so that you receive a good response from your customers. So, start preparing for this move from now onwards before your competitions master these live videos.

3. Pay social media to get more customers

Social media pack for online marketing.

Social media for ads. Image credits: Sigil Digital Marketing

Paying the social media for the promotion of your online marketing has now become a trend, plus it’s getting a lot of benefits to the owners.

Advertisements are the basics for driving your sales and for such a purpose what better than a place where millions of people are connected.

Now to get started with such advertisements for your online marketing, you have to pull up your socks and tie up your laces as you have to go through some research work. A good start can be Facebook ads.

They can deliver a wonderful reach at quite a low cost, provided your campaign is properly optimised. Besides Facebook, there are many other such platforms as well where you can get your brand advertised.

Now, how to advertise your brand is again, an art in itself. But don’t you worry, you just need to give some time and learn it. Or you also can simply jump in and learn through the hands-on experience.

4. Get the AI chatbots in your bucket list

A phone with chatbots for online marketing.

AI chatbots. Image Credits: DDI Development

Artificial Intelligence in today’s world is growing at a high pace and investing your money in it can really double your profit as well as your cravings to get something much better for your online marketing.

Many brands today are using this cool technology to level up their sales. Like, Facebook is leading the way with the roll-out of news feed ads that open directly in Messenger chats and hybrid products such as Google Allo, a smart messaging app with an integrated AI assistant.

Now technologies like this give you the convenience of one to one conversations rather than collecting the problems or complaints of a massive crowd of customers.

This simply allows you to start a conversation with a potential customer without bothering them to click through your website and then hoping that they will submit a form or make a purchase.

So, it’s completely new and has got the potential to render you with a huge advantage. Go and get this technology for your online marketing.

Moreover, along with speeding up your sales you also need to avoid certain mistakes that might result in loss. To know that refer the below-mentioned link.

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