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Jeff Bezos catapults from Amazon to the Moon, striking entrance in space race

Jeff Bezos promises road to Moon.

Bezos launches the Blue Moon Lunar Lander.

Blue Origin is an aerospace tech company founded by the billionaire Jeff Bezos. Bezos launched the Blue Moon Lunar Lander on May 9. More known for his e-commerce giant Amazon, he also entered the space race. The Lunar Lander proposes a liquid hydrogen-powered engine

From the dense Amazon, straight to the moon, Jeff Bezos is now thought to be a game changer in aerospace tech. Less known for his company: Blue Origin, Bezos on May 9 launched its Lunar Lander. 

Standing according to Mr President, Donald Trump‘s vision, the proposed Lunar Lander can achieve Lunar Outpost on Moon by 2024.

Three years in building, the Lander is capable of carrying 3.6 – 6.5 metric tonnes of payload to the moon.

Along with this, Bezos also aims at space tourism. For the same, Blue Origin had launched Shepard, A vertical-take-off-vertical-landing (VTVL) craft.

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Bezos’ vision is to minimize the launch cost for such space crafts and to use in-space resources. Both of these are the greatest challenges for the aerospace tech firm.

Jeff Bezos: not the only billionaire in this race

After the news was out in public, there was another billionaire who has been running in this race for long now. The “not-billionaire”, Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, has made a bet on space technology.

Musk took it onto Twitter, replying to the news.

SpaceX has launched 70 commercial low orbital space crafts. This includes 15 cargo deliveries to the International Space Station. SpaceX is also the manufacturer of the most powerful commercial rocket: Falcon Heavy. 

Jeff Bezos, during the launch, described each minute details and decisions that went into presenting the Lunar Lander. He also explained the choice of fuel for the spacecraft. With the recent discovery of water on the moon, Bezos believes that his liquid hydrogen-powered engine can extract resources from the moon. By extracting required hydrogen and oxygen from ice (water) on the moon by electrolysis, the Lunar Lander can be powered.

Jeff Bezos promises road to Moon.

My generation has to build the road to space, so that the upcoming generations can build lunar colonies in the future.

– Jeff Bezos (Founder: Blue Origins)



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