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Indigo ready for big players, competes with Etihad and Emirates

Indigo Airlines.

After getting half the domestic traffic, Indigo is set to fly abroad.

India’s largest airline is now set to compete on the international clouds. Indigo’s 24% domestic growth also came with international capacity rising by 60%. Airline’s single-aisle fleet makes the company’s costs lower than the competition. This will make them customers’ favourite, now on the international routes. 

Recently the biggest players have seen the worst fall in the aviation sector. Emirates saw the worst financial year ever since 2002. Just when it thought to catch a break, they are now seeing a new competition taking off from India.

Giving nightmares to Indian aviation rivals, Indigo has come out of the Jet crisis better than ever. After acquiring 50% of India’s domestic market, it is not going to stop now. The international capacity for the airline rose by 60%, with a domestic increase of 24%. This has made the sun shine on the company’s dream of going big, going international

Everyone saw this coming. While the Jet Crisis, Indigo made no chance to slip out. With its huge fleet size and market hold, it quickly became the biggest airline as Jet Airways dissolved. This story to being the biggest in India has a lot in it. To know more, follow: Indigo to fly higher, gains the most from the ruins post ‘Jet Apocalypse’.

The international challenges for Indigo

With the dream to go big, the challenges get tougher as well. The most difficult challenge for the Indian airline will be to face the Gulf carriers.

Indigo airlines.

To fly and give competition in the Gulf region, it will have to fight with a lot of political risks. The routes between India and UAE are set to expand with diplomatic talks. Here, biggest players: Etihad and Emirates, will do their best to keep their interests protected.


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