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Gaming rivalry to be buried; world witnesses partnership between Sony and Xbox

Gaming rivals bury the hatchet.

Rivals bury the hatchet to meet on a common “cloud”.

Gaming rivals Sony and Xbox have recently teamed up on cloud-based gaming and AI solutions. Calling it the partnership of the decade, the team comes together to take on the common rival, Google. This will see Sony’s gaming and content streaming paired with Microsoft’s Azure: cloud-computing platform. 

All the gamers grab their consoles and PCs as they witness a dream come true. Gaming rivalry set between Sony and Xbox is set to be met on common “cloud”.

This “dream team” comes together as they say: Enemy of my enemy is my friend. The giants pair up to take upon Google Stadia.

Stadia gives gamers access to next-gen and current-gen gaming content. This is irrespective of the hardware that they have. Also, it will allow HD streaming via the internet.

The team up is ready to present anything before Stadia. This will come by producing results on Xbox and Playstation better than the present consoles. Gamer community expects a lot from this partnership, as these are the two most consoles used.

Gaming giants unite.

Gaming giants unite.

Gamers and community look out to the horizon for new tech and games, no matter what the hardware.

New gaming standards to be reached

Video game streaming is not new. What’s new in the market is Cloud-based gaming! The aim is to evolve the platform to give the user access to the game, anytime, anywhere.

 I believe that our joint development of future cloud solutions will contribute greatly to the advancement of interactive content.

Kenichiro Yashida (CEO: Sony)

Google Stadia seems like a legitimate attempt at this. This is because of Google’s well-established cloud computing.

But this partnership stands out, apart from offering cloud-based gaming. It also extends to AI and semiconductors. Sony will share it’s image sensors with Microsoft’s Azure. In return, Microsoft will work its advanced AI platform and tools into Sony’s products.


Azure was also seen as the reason for the company’s recent ‘touch’ at $1 trillion caps.

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This is a monumental partnership, even called the partnership of this century! This will help various consumers across different platforms.


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