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CollegeDekho sees a bright start for FY19, raises $8 million

CollegeDekho team of founders.

CollegeDekho raised $8 million in Series B Funding. Image Source: Zee News.

CollegeDekho secured funding worth $8 million. It is an online platform, helping aspirants find universities. It also keeps a track on various exams held, thus keeping students updated. The Gurgaon-based startup is the parent company for auto startup CarDekho.

Gurgaon: The Indian ed-tech startup CollegeDekho recently raised $8 million from the existing investors. The investment came as a Series-B Funding. The round was led by its parent company Girnarsoft Education.

The startup was founded by Ruchir Arora, Saurabh Jain, Rohit Saha, and Rajiv Singh in 2015.

It works towards helping students searching for colleges and universities for admission. Giving information about various institutes, it also keeps students updated with all the examinations and entrance tests.

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CollegeDekho’s aim for future business

Ruchir Arora in an interview said that the capital received will be used for expansion in the target market. It will make its presence in high schools and try to connect students to international institutes. Standing at worth at $13 million, the startup also looks forward to refining its R&D team.

India is a country with a population of 1.3 billion. With this huge population comes a real small literacy rate. Some students even manage to make it into colleges for further studies. But even here, due to cultural stigma and many more factors, students end up pursuing what they’re not suited for. This also comes due to lack of career guidance. The youth, apart from engineering and medical, knows very little of other career options.
And this is where the startup wishes to target. It provides one of the best career counselling sessions, both online and offline. By providing various career options, it wishes that students pursue what their skills are best suited for.

India’s Education Market

The market is expected to grow to $5.7 billion, with opportunities for startups and investors alike. The worlds most valuable ed-tech company, Byju’s, helps millions of students in India to prepare for competitive exams. This Bangalore-based company raised $540 millionUnacademy, similar to Byju’s, is worth $35.8 million now.

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