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Facebook to lose its face? Chris Hughes called out for a breakup.

Facebook co-founder: Chris Hughes.

Co-founder Chris Hughes called the company to break up.

In an article published in the NY Times, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes called the company to break up. According to Hughes, the company has become so big and powerful that it threatens democracy. He called out Mark Zuckerberg for sacrificing security and civility for clicks.

Mark’s power is unprecedented and un-American.
It is time to break up Facebook.

These are the words from the Facebook co-founder, Chris HughesIn a lengthy opinion article published by him in the NY Times, he goes on about how he feels its time for Facebook to break up.

Hughes is the latest addition in the list of eminent entrepreneurs who believe that regulations on Facebook should be stricter than ever. This comes at Facebook as a line of events showed the incompetency in data security in different countries across the globe.  For the same, it has tried multiple ways to get the faith of the user landscape back. Recent came in India as it removed 1 Mn accounts/day for the Lok Sabha elections to be fair.

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Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook's annual event: F8.

Zuckerberg’s attempt at gaining the trust of the mass back at F8.

Chris Hughes predicts Facebook’s future (?)

Hughes, who hasn’t worked at Facebook over a decade, stated that the drive for domination is blinding Mark. The quest for domination has led Facebook to control 80% of the world’s social network revenue. Backed by various entrepreneurs and influencers, Hughes’ drive to save democracy and economy may just have an edge over the social media giant. Yet, history speaks that Facebook has always set its way and continued to move, even with scars.

Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice president for global affairs, replied to all the comments.

Facebook accepts that with success comes accountability. But you don’t enforce accountability by calling for the breakup of a successful American company.

– Nick Clegg (VP, Global Affairs, Facebook)


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