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Amazon’s wicked plan to pay $10,000 for workers to quit

Amazon to pay $10,000 for workers to quit.

Amazon aims at pacing up its prime delivery. Inc. has been encouraging its unhappy employees to leave for long. Bezos is even ready to pay them $10,000 to start their own startups. Jeff will invest in their, which according to the deal, shall be a delivery startup

Two years ago, Walmart tried to make the delivery system more efficient. For this, it asked the employees to deliver orders to the customers before and after their work, in their own vehicles. This, due to several reasons and violations, didn’t work out.

Thus, time efficient delivery system is something even the biggest retailers try to achieve. This race to the doorsteps also has Amazon as its participant.  Amazon Inc. is willing to pay its employees $10,000, the catch is – they’ll have to leave their current jobs.

Jeff Bezos has always been on the hunt of taking the rival companies down. By pacing up Amazon’s already fast delivery system, it will knock out its competitions like Walmart and many more. This is also supported by the move when the company funded Tesla‘s potential rival: Rivian

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Amazon’s “Pay to Quit” programme

The e-commerce giants “Pay to Quit” programme was called into real this Monday. Obviously, not just anyone can be a trusted delivery service partner. One needs to invest at least $10,000 and have liquid assets worth $30,000. The latter has been reduced for the employees. Since the rules are specific and quite strict, the company had to turn to its employees.

Amazon's delivery bot: Scout.

Amazon’s delivery bot: Scout.

The company does not want to rely on delivery services like UPS and FedEx. In the race to the doorsteps, the company wants to reduce its delivering time. The already quick, 2-day, prime delivery is aimed to cut down to just 24 hrs.

Since delivery partners are considered ‘outsiders’, the company wants to have trusted service partners and over which it has control. Thus, it now wants its employees (specifically in the packaging sector) to leave the company. For this, they’ll be paid” $10,000, under the “Pay to Quit” programme.


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