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Election Fever: Facebook removes 1 Mn accounts per day



Facebook app

Facebook app; Picture: DayAfterIndia

Facebook, among other social media companies, has been helping make the Indian Lok Sabha elections fair. With the use of AI and ML tools, it has been removing 1 Mn accounts a day. It has also shaken hands with third-party fact checkers for the same. This is to track the spread of information in more languages. 

New Delhi The 17th Lok Sabha elections are slated to happen from 11th April 2019 to 19th April 2019. With only a day to go, the Election Commission of India is trying to get rid of all forms of unlawful content. In a move to support this, Facebook announced that it would be removing or blocking about a million abusive accounts a day.

The social media company plans to do this with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools. These tools will help the company identify abusive or policy-violating content. The content would then be quickly located across the platform and removed in bulk.

“We are committed to maintaining the integrity of the elections in India. […] Will continue to work with local organizations, government groups and experts to make that happen,”

Ajit Mohan, Facebook’s Managing Director and Vice President, India

Measures by Facebook

Last week, the social media platform removed nearly 700 Pages, Groups and accounts in India. The reason behind this was the violation of the company’s policies on coordinated bogus behavior and spam.

Ajit Mohan, Facebook's Managing Director and Vice President, India.

Ajit Mohan, Facebook’s Managing Director and Vice President, India. Picture: Inventiva

Additionally, Facebook has also partnered with third-party fact-checkers. These groups currently target the information spread in eight of the most spoken languages of the country. They presently track English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Gujarati. The giant plans to cover more languages soon.

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The EC has been taking strong steps to keep the elections a fair playing ground. The body is making efforts to deal with unlawful digital content. Therefore, the commission has also gotten social media companies to reduce their takedown time. The already existing 3-hour timeframe was brought down to 2 hours to ensure quick action.

In India, more than one-third of the voting public is an active user of social media. Therefore, these moves could be instrumental in keeping online hate and trolling in check.


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