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CureFit’s $5Mn Incubator to heal healthy foods industry

CureFit website.

CureFit website; Picture: Techstory

Bengaluru-based startup CureFit is a holistic health firm. It plans to launch a $5Mn incubator for the healthy food and snacks market. The funds would be invested in 8-10 startups in the coming years. This would boost the smaller startups. Additionally, it would help the health-firm create better products for itself. 

Bengaluru: Do you remember your childhood being all about praising healthy snacks? Do you remember your mom telling you to skip that pizza and go for the broccoli instead? Do you remember being forced to gulp down tasteless veggies all for promises of better health? You aren’t the only one who remembers those moments. Bengaluru-based startup CureFit remembers it all too. Which is why they are pumping into the healthy food and snacks industry.

Founded in 2016, CureFit focuses on promoting holistic mental and physical growth. The health and fitness company offers digital and offline experience across various domains. Their major domains cover fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being.

EatFit vertical of CureFit.

EatFit vertical of CureFit. Picture: Techstory

The $5Mn Incubator

The startup is now planning to launch a $5Mn incubator for the healthy foods market. This incubator will invest this amount across 8-10 startup within the next two years. The startups will be spread across snacks, beverages, supplements, and meal replacement categories. This will help the firm co-create products which it can sell through its EatFit division.

For the last 6 months, we have been piloting packaged health foods by partnering with brands. The opportunity in the healthy FMCG products is huge, but the smaller brands face challenges. Related to funding, shelf space, and selling channels. Which is why we decided to launch this programme.

Ankit Nagori, co-founder of CureFit

Reportedly, about 10-15% of EatFit’s revenue comes from packaged foods and juices. The company expects the packaged healthy snacks to form a quarter of EatFit’s revenue over a coming couple of years.

CureFit Philosophy

Other than EatFit, CureFit is further spread across three other verticals. The divisions being CultFit, MindFit, and CareFit. The startup keeps expanding its business continuously. For this, the firm is famously known for partnering with smaller startups to bolster its expansions. Its last acquisition was the acquiring of mental-wellness brand Seraniti for its MindFit division.

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Working this way, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that CureFit is on the road to huge success.


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