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Cityblock to tackle affordable healthcare problem, raises $65 M

Team CityBlock.

Team CityBlock.

Brooklyn startup, Cityblock, raises $65 million. The funding came in Series B round, led by Redpoint Ventures. The startup aims at healing and ailing the underserved. 

Brooklyn, NY: Making healthcare accessible to all has been a great issue for even the greatest economy in the world. While the politicians keep on debating on the issue, this Brooklyn-based startup gives its bit towards the solution. Using the technology in the favour, Cityblock Health is working towards affordable healthcare to all.

Care coordination is enabled by the company’s tech platform called Commons. This allows for all members of a patient’s care team to be aware of the person’s health status and health events.

The startup raised $65Million in a Series B round. This round was led by Redpoint VenturesThis brings the company’s total funding to an impressive $85.8 million after just one an a half of operation.

We’re a tech-enabled services company focused on caring for a population that has been traditionally overlooked by the innovation community and generally underserved across healthcare

– Iyah Romm (Co-founder, CEO)

The 180-person company’s aim is to give the low-income section of the population regular access to more affordable care.

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Cityblock and future

The company will use this investment to open additional clinics. It opened the first clinic, or “neighbourhood hub” in Brooklyn, NY. This was done with EmblemHealth a NY health insurance business. They’ve since expanded and look to open in North Carolina.

Sidewalk Labs, an urban-focused incubator under Alphabet, served as home for Cityblock in its early stage.

Iyah Romm has spent his entire career in the public health sector. Before joining Sidewalk Labs in 2017, he spent a year as the chief transformation officer of the Commonwealth Care Alliance.

His main aim is to focus on the population that has never been looked after. The population, on whose cost the voting polls are filled. These are the people that have never been prioritized. Thus for him, to provide affordable healthcare to all is the ultimate goal.

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