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Lee Fixel to quit Tiger Global after 13 years



A finance graduate from the Washington University finds his ways for future. The great analyst after gaining practical knowledge from Hedge fund Alkeon Capital Management joined Tiger Global. However, Lee Flex plans to quit Tiger Global after 13 years of providing management services.

Lee flex plans to quit Tiger Global after 13 years of management services. The great analyst plans to invest his time to manage his own money.Lee Flex boosted the worth of the Company by running the deals which generated $13 billion. The New-York based firm has made investment of around $2 billion in Spotify Technology SA by May 2018. Tiger Global has made more than 200 investments in 30 countries.

Thus, Lee acts as a driving force for the private equity firm, Tiger Global. However, Lee flex quits Tiger Global by 30 June and Scott Shleifer will be appointed as the new head.

Flex is presently the partner of $26 billion firm. He is also in the board of Flipkart. Tiger Global’s early investment in 2009 reaped about $3 billion after Walmart’s major stake in the previous year.

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Under his leadership Tiger Global has earned $1.6 billion cash dividend on its investment in e-cigarette startup.

Thus, the major driving force of the Company has helped in the Company’s expansion in India and USA.

He will however continue to management responsibilities for existing portfolio Companies after quitting from Tiger Global. He will also serve on the boards of selected Companies.


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