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Why B2B can be a profitable option? Let’s explore!


The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work. 

                                                                                                                         -Robert Kiyosaki

In this world of entrepreneurship, maintaining a healthy connection with people and groups has become an easy way to get to your destiny. 

In the series of making something out of everything, as an entrepreneur trying the B2B services can prove to be the right decision for you. Moreover, it can be a wonderful platform for making more and more connections with bigger and prosperous groups that will undoubtedly enhance your business life. 

B2B services, a trend

The B2B services. Image credits: weSRCH

So, we have got here the top 5 mantras that will help you in your dream business visionaries and give you an insight into this world of B2B services.

1. Risks counts but Creativity, no lesser

Taking risks and making choices is what makes life so exciting.

-Amy Poehler


Before entering this ‘always expect the unexpected world’, the crucial fact that you all ought to know is that ‘the business world is full of rules and risks’.

Be creative and never hesitate to take an unconventional career path, the path of your dreams. Take the risks because accepting the risks as challenges are foremost for an entrepreneur.

Taking risks can make you more creative. When you put yourself out on a limb, with a zero excuses protocol, your instinctive problem-solving skills rush in and you’re open to new ideas and are at your best to try something new.

Creativity dwells where restrictions can be pushed, rules can be broken and experiments can be done. B2B can be the best platform.

The perplexing world

Entrepreneurial world. Image credits: Smartbug Media

So, prepare yourself to be creative enough and mold your mindset uniquely to survive on this uncertain path. Besides, be pretty mighty to bear the risks coming your way that may wobble your destined walk.


2. Sometimes, ‘letting go’ is the best option

An entrepreneur fastens with his enterprise in the same manner as that of a family bond. The family care and guidance are crucial for one’s betterment; though, this becomes hamstrung after one matures.

Somewhere in a similar way, as an entrepreneur, your aim is to help your enterprise become fully-fledged to such an extent that it becomes pliable enough to confront all the strong market forces. For this, however, the nature of your work ought to change through the whole enterprise life-cycle.

With the changing market, your enterprise needs to be a malleable one to fit in, especially in something like B2B. You have to leave your old ways of doing business and possibly pursue the new ones in demand.


The world on the computer.

Bringing the world on the computer. Image credits: The Global Associates

It is always very difficult to think and then have a say about all that needs to be done, even at the minimal level, to be a competitor in this continuously changing business era. Still, you need to do this, because remember, it can be a huge loss of a wonderful chance to do things differently and perfectly, just because you couldn’t ‘Let-go’ of your obsolete tactics of doing the business. Let go of the old ways and try out your luck with the B2B services.

3. Baking Partners

There’s this fact that you need to remember always, your own references will soon run-out. Once you managed to struggle past the sweltering and dangerous currents of the enterprise infancy, you will experience inertness as the things settle down. Now as a budding enterprise, you hardly have funds to invest in a multinational sales team. Besides, even when you find a way for funding, it is extremely difficult to convince the new customers to rely on a comparatively latest and young company.


All the networks.

Building networks. Image Credits: Huawei

But guess what, this challenge can be tackled by building a small yet firm network of partners who already have got the necessary connections and also, believe your potential customers. 

They could either be freelancers, consultants or production companies those who provide a  harmonious service and who can profit in a great way from some additional commissions or revenue sharing after pairing with you.

4. Being a ‘Half-Entrepreneur’

The world of entrepreneurship is brimming with confusions and then lined up with uncertainties. And thus, it becomes quite perplexing for a budding entrepreneur to decide whether to start his own build-up while still working or just leave the job. In this queue, it is shocking to mark that, many destined entrepreneurs simply leave their jobs while still figuring out the 3 Ws (why what and when) for their start-up.

Besides, it is very tragic to see that one of the main reasons for this pre-mature exit is ‘I just am not able to focus on my idea while still working’, and ironically after that, the same people can be seen, struggling to find enough work for the day.


The B2B

Go for B2B. Image Credits: Alamy

Thus, the aspiring entrepreneurs, first need to introspect whether the complete planning and market testing of the idea can be done while still being employed. And yeah, a better idea would be, if you can find that first elusive customer before you actually launch. Now, this is what a “Half-Entrepreneur” known as.

B2B Service businesses are innately the working capital-oriented businesses, based on real ‘income’ rather than valuations. Therefore, it’s significantly vital that you construct and conserve your war chest.

5. Abstain from the ‘One Man Army’ Fervour

Once the enterprise gets a hold on the track of growth, it needs specialists. At such a time, you just can’t choose to be a ‘One Man Army’, especially in areas of support functions such as Finance, Administration and HR.


Making relations. Image Credits:

After a lot of hassle and so, your enterprise will reach such a stage when you can say you have developed a certain way of managing the support functions. But again, this creates a sense of disbelief that it is the only way and the best way.

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Just remember that the experts can do a much better job when compared to the entrepreneurs and can have a robust influence in fuelling the enterprise’s growth.

So, better stick to the specialists rather than to assign work to any other person, even if deadly reliable.


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