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Daimler buys Torc Robotics stake



Daimler buys Torc Robotics stake

Daimler buys Torc Robotics stake

As a drive to push autonomous vehicles, Daimler Trucks decides to take major-stake in self-driving truck software maker Torc Robotics. Torc will help Daimler in overall software development. The German manufacturer has access to 120 skilled staff as per the Martin Daum.


The Achilles heel is the ability to quickly develop software. But the standalone capability will not portray the capable expertise alone.

Torc Robotics also pose a platform to develop self-driving technology with Caterpillar with mining and agricultural applications. It has also competed in DARPA self-driving vehicles challenge 12 years ago.

The team has also developed a technological platform which allows vehicles to operate at a high level of automation. Known as stage 4 it allows Daimler to accelerate their own plans for commercializing self-driving vehicles.

The level 4 system operates excellently in both urban and highway driving in rain, fog, snow, and sunshine quoted by the CEO of DTNA. It also includes the market-leading Freightliner brand.

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The team also offers Level 2 automation system on its trucks. This mechanism allows automatic brake, accelerate, and steer using radar and camera systems. This mechanism allows partially automated driving to initiate.

What to expect from this tie-up?

The tie-up will create a unique and powerful team of innovators to put highly automated trucks on loads. Torc will also continue to run on an arms-length basis from Daimler. The Torc team will, however, work closely with Daimler Trucks.

Torc will also continue to develop its Asimov self-driving software. The team also focus its Blacksburg testing mechanism.

Also, at the time Daimler Trucks will evolve in the automated driving technology and vehicle integration for heavy-duty trucks. The Automated Truck Research & Development Center in Portland fosters the Company’s growth ahead.

The Company will also use know-how about sensors and automation. The Mercedes-Benz passenger car brand will help in it as per a car and truck maker.


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