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CarDekho & Gaadi Acquihires Carbiqi

CarDekho and Gaadi acquisition doodle.

CarDekho and Gaadi acquisition doodle. Picture: IndianWeb2

The firms CarDekho and Gaadi have extended their e-commerce platform of selling and buying cars. By acquihiring the Delhi based Carbiqi they have added online and offline retail auction model. And the amount invested in Carbiqi is yet to be disclosed. For a firm like Girnar to invest in an upcoming startup like Carbiqi really says something about their auction model. 

Delhi: The car selling and buying platforms and are subsidiaries of the parent firm Girnar software. The former has been operation since 2007. And has been its part since September 2014. Before 2014 was owned by Ibibo.

The Delhi-based car marketplace Carbiqi was setup in 2017. Founded by Akansh Sinha and Anubhav Deep the firm operated by making auction model for the sale of pre-owned cars.

With the acquihire of Carbiqi by Gaadi and CarDekho, some major changes are due. The original website of Carbiqi will be closed and it will then function under Girnar’s Gaadi. In addition to this Carbiqi’s founders, Akansh Sinha and Anubhav Deep will be leading’s sales.

Carbiqi doodle.

Carbiqi doodle. Picture: Youtube

CarDekho’s co-founder Amit Jain stated,

We are happy to foray into the auction model under the same brand. We look forward to establishing an unparalleled and trusted consumer experience in used cars retail segment with Carbiqi’s support.

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Carbiqi was in its early stages, selling 50-100 on a monthly basis. Whereas Girnar’s owned firms have a large network having around 15,000 car sales per month.

CarDekho competes with other firms like Droom, Cartisan, and Bumper PitStop. With Carbiqi on board, the firm has strengthened its position.


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