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Flipkart to Lease Coworking Space

Coworking doodle.

Coworking doodle. Picture: depositphotos

Recently, Flipkart has been in talks with many coworking space providers in Bengaluru. According to some sources, the giant has plans to acquire 3000 desks in Bengaluru. It will be the first time the firm starts operating in flexible office space. This shows that the demand for flexible workspace is increasing. Based on some statistics, coworking will account for 30-40% of firms’ workspace in the coming years.

Bengaluru: Technical firms are famous for their stylish workspaces and uniquely designed buildings. In April 2018, Flipkart’s office got shifted to a huge campus in Embassy Tech Village, Bengaluru. The campus is built in 8.3 lakh square feet. It comprises of three interconnected buildings. It’s designed for accommodating 7000 employees. This campus packs all the means of entertainment and amenities needed.

With the firm’s increasing presence in the Indian market and increasing personnel, the workspace continues to grow. After Flipkart was acquired by Walmart there have been various changes. Mostly in management and functioning. 

Flipkart Bengaluru Headquarters.

Flipkart Bengaluru Headquarters. Picture: The News Minute

Flipkart is considering WeWorks and CoWrks among others as its flexible space provider. A source stated that,

The firm has floated the request for proposal, and is in talks with at least 5 operators to provide a workspace for 3000 people.

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Flipkart is starting coworking as this provides the firm to expand or shrink its business at any moment. These signs indicate at the giant’s departure from the 8.3 lakh square feet campus.


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