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Blue Origin Soaring High With New Shepard’s Success

New Shepard

New Shepard. Source: Engadget

The Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owned space research company Blue Origin conducted the 10th test flight of its spacecraft New Shepard on 23rd January. It was carrying at least eight NASA-sponsored research and technology payloads. The company plans to launch the first tourist by the end of this year. 

Texas, USA: With the hopes to launch the world’s first ever space tourist by the end of this year, the Jeff Bezos owned company Blue Origin moved a notch up the totem pole. It conducted the 10th successful test flight of the reusable spacecraft the Shepard on the 23rd of January at 15:08 GMT from their West Texas test site.

The spacecraft was un-crewed and carried at least eight NASA-sponsored research and technology payloads to the suborbital space and back. The spacecraft reached the altitude of 66 miles (106 kilometres). And the whole mission lasted for 10 minutes and 15 seconds.

Jeff Bezos, CEO, Blue Origin.

Jeff Bezos, CEO, Blue Origin.

Following the plan, the craft fired the rocket boosters. And after eight minutes of flight, it made an upright landing. Moments later the capsule touched down with the help of three parachutes.

New Shepard is a Vertical-Takeoff, Vertical-Landing(VTVL) craft. And the very first test flight was conducted on 29th April 2015.

Ariane Cornell, an astronaut for Blue Origin and commentator on the company’s live webcast of the launch said,

We are aiming for the end of this year. And we are not in a rush. We want to take our time and do this right.

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As for the interior of the craft, she said that

The passenger capsule is roomy with six seats and six big gorgeous windows.

The price per ticket is still in the foggiest.




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